Penrith SEO Company – The #1 Value Solution

Welcome to the future of an influx of leads to your business! Here at Samurai Web Consulting, we’ve been at the game of increasing online (primarily Google) visibility for nearly 15 years! With experience in improving the rankings of over 350 websites during that time, we’ve got the skills and confidence to make sure you get the results you want!

So let’s delve into the details a little bit, why exactly are we the company you want to choose?


This has to be the#1 reason, for obvious reasons. If you’re going to be paying for SEO or organics with any company (which generally speaking is not cheap, despite our great pricing and competitive rates compared to other companies), you’re paying because you want the results that higher Google rankings, more website visibility and therefore more leads is going to bring your business.

As we mentioned, we’ve been at this game a long time now (15 + years) and we know what works and what doesn’t. Not only that, but SEO and online marketing in general is a very fast evolving area, and for that reason we make it our business to keep our thumb on the “pulse” of the industry. Things are constantly changing, and not knowing the correct strategy can actually be very very detrimental to your results, if not straight up harmful. Who wants to pay money to damage their business?

Apart from these facts, the other thing about us is TESTING. We’ve constantly got tests running on what works, with our OWN SITES. So we’re actually in the trenches if you will, trying things out, making sure our methods are still working.

2nd – Competitive Pricing

3rd – Safety