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Here at Samurai Web Design and SEO Blue Mountains, we are experts at building a website for your business that will create more business for you, and actually have a use, instead of just sitting there gathering “cyber dust”.

We have extensive experience building websites, and then getting them found in Google and the other Search Engines, with our near 13 years of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experience. We’ve been ranking all sorts of properties at the top of the search engine results (SERPS) for a long time, and know what Google likes. This means that you can turn your website into a funnel for new leads and customers for your business. 

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Here’s a few websites that we’ve done for past clients. We have created websites in many different niches or verticals, for many international clients. Bare in mind that we can create literally any website you desire, just phone us and discuss what you’re looking for. You can click on any of the images to see a larger version.

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Which Web Design Style Suits Your Type of Business?

You run a specific kind of business, and you desire a website that accurately represents your brand. Your website ought to serve as a hub for sharing contact information and details about your company. The content and the coding are the two key components of this approach. A personal website is made to display your work and act as a launchpad for promotional activities. The first step in building a website is developing a brand identity. Similar to this, a company website should act as the focal point for all consumer communications.

The ability to put oneself in the client’s shoes is necessary for web designers. While some companies are reluctant to make any changes to their website without their consent, they are prepared to pay their design team to overhaul it. This offers them the chance to find problems without endangering their business. They will be able to see their work through new eyes in this way. In the end, this will produce better outcomes and a clientele that is happier.

A web design that is balanced distributes its visual components in a way that appears neat and symmetrical. Centering the elements on the page is the quickest way to achieve symmetry, however this might make the design appear flat and uninteresting. You should design a variety of items and position them using the CSS float property to get the perfect balance. There are many methods for achieving equilibrium.

Why Should Your Business Use a WordPress Website?

WordPress websites may be used to build almost anything, from an eCommerce store to a brochure website. They are highly adaptable. Even resumes can be made with them. They are so widely used by large corporations, individuals, and even new companies. You may quickly get started by finding a WordPress website, regardless of whether you’re just starting out or managing a major business.

Users of WordPress websites can manage posts, pages, and forms using a user-friendly dashboard. Logging into your dashboard is all that is necessary before adding new content, previewing it, and saving it. There are other tools accessible for content creation and editing. Even better, you can save your work in progress as a draught so you can return to it later if you need to make changes. However, WordPress websites have advantages that go beyond flexibility.

WordPress’s user-friendliness is the most basic justification for choosing it for your company website. Even though many people aren’t programmers, they should be able to easily construct a website. Thanks to its sizable community, plethora of plugins, and incredible power of premium themes, WordPress has this covered. Premium themes are incredibly affordable when compared to their features. In addition, wireframing a new website is fairly simple.

WordPress is not only user-friendly, but SEO-friendly as well. WordPress websites tend to be prefered by popular search engines like Google and Yahoo, partly because of the framework it provides. Additionally, WordPress receives frequent updates from developers all over the world because it is open-source. WordPress is the greatest solution for small businesses because it has so many features and alternatives. If you’re not sure which platform would meet your needs the best, you can sign up for a free trial to observe how the programme functions.

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Samurai Web Consulting are one of the best businesses I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Nick was so helpful, he even made short video clips to help my tiny brain solve my website fiasco’s. Highly recommended.

— Paul Vickery

Samurai Web Consulting have built and managed my website since being badly let down from a previous competitor. I contacted Nick looking for a solution, 4 months later i have a brand new site and page one on google. No false promises, just straight forward progress. 5*

— Martin Safdar

Samurai Web Consulting offers a quality service at a quality price. Everything is simple to follow and my website was designed and transferred quickly. Any questions and amendments that I wanted before it went live were responded to and dealt with promptly and professionally.

— Jackie Pearce